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We worked earlier mainly with larger agencies, because we believed that only a large team of people can create creative, multi-threaded campaigns or do graphic design. Filip proved us wrong.

I was very happy with the logo that Kiwwwi designed for our high school basketball program. We wanted a design that represented what our program stood for, and the logo that Kiwwwi designed for us checked all the boxes. Working with Filip during the discovery phase helped us get exactly what we asked for. I would recommend Kiwwwi to any organization looking for a unique and professional experience.

Eric Thornton, Norwell High School (Ossian, Indiana)

Professional website - why is it a must?

Your own website

Websites are currently a necessary and integral tool, regularly used in the daily life of the company. It doesn’t matter if you’re acting solo, running a small, family business or managing a larger team – website is now a much more interesting and practical version of a paper, classic business card.

Website and its price

At Kiwwwi, I try to prove that well-made websites don’t have to absorb the entire budget. Each valuation is based on certain fixed parameters, but the final cost of the website is selected individually for each client. I don’t overprice, I don’t use industry phrases that the client doesn’t really understand, and I avoid technical jargon. On the other hand, I don’t operate on the border of profitability.
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